Be-Dom @ Udderbelly's Pasture

Show stopping audience bothering

Feature by Laurin Campbell | 18 Aug 2010

If Peter Pan’s Lost Boys discovered STOMP then Be-Dom would surely be the result. Cheeky, clever and completely charismatic, the group of six provide a total theatre experience of epic proportions. Be warned though, participation is necessary and unavoidably enjoyable.

A white curtain hangs in a box-shape around the stage as the show begins. Tension builds as a lone performer sounds his pan pipes and walks slowly through the audience, his eyes searching the crowd. He disappears behind the curtain and the percussion starts as the exaggerated silhouettes of unseen musicians appear on the sheet. The beat pulses and vibrates through the Udderbelly before the sheet drops to reveal our players making noise with everything but a musical instrument.

Oil drums, tables, bottles and bodies are just some of the makeshift tools used to create the complex rhythms of Be-Dom. Soon, even the audience members are enlisted to add to the layers of sound by clapping, clicking, stamping and ticket playing. The performance feels personal and there is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction in this involvement, even for adults.

The highly physical humour of Be-Dom adds to their appeal. Very rarely do they use words; instead they favour random noises, gibberish and gesture. They allow their bodies and instruments to do the talking. Somehow this all makes sense in their crazy vaudevillian world.

Loud and raucous, these boys are out to play. If you like your men primitive and grunting then this is for you. If not, why not pay Be-Dom a visit anyway? Go on...unleash your inner wild child.

Udderbelly’s Pasture, 5-30 Aug, 2pm, various prices