First Bus x The Skinny: Free to Explore

A group of young people hold up their bus passes, in front of a bus emblazoned with the words 'Be #FreeToExplore'

We want to help you explore your city in flexible, safe and eco-friendly style, so we’ve teamed up with First Bus for their #FreeToExplore campaign. 

It’s all about getting under-22s to make the most of their free bus passes and get out and about across Scotland - find out more about the campaign here. At The Skinny, we’ve put together a collection of guides, interviews and features to help you get moving.

We talk to Rogue One, the street artist responsible for some of Glasgow’s most iconic murals and the artist behind an all-new piece of art at the Barras Market.   

We have guides to making the most of your free travel with a day in Glasgow and Aberdeen, leading you around the cities to see some of the best of what they have to offer.

We also take a look at how to travel in a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way, and highlight the ways in which you can cut down on the impact of your travel while still seeing the sights. 

We also chat with some of the folk behind the Free to Explore campaign, and if you ever wondered what life is like on the buses, we have you covered thanks to a catch-up with one of Scotland’s youngest bus drivers.

Remember, if you are aged under-22 and living in Scotland, then free travel is within grasp. Make sure to apply for your NEC card to take advantage, leaving you #FreeToExplore at

Older than 22? Don’t panic! Bus remains a sustainable way to travel that won’t break the bank. Hop on board and do your bit for the planet next time you head out.