The Skinny Food & Drink Survey 2019: Street Food & Takeaways

Your favourite grab-and-go venues across Scotland

Feature by Peter Simpson | 07 Jan 2019

Some food venues end up on the itinerant foodie scene for want of a proper home to base themselves in, popping up as and where they can. El Perro Negro was one such place until their bricks-and-mortar opened its doors last year; now the people of Finnieston know exactly where to track down one of the city's best burgers at any given time. Can you eat this walking down the street? Yes you can, though maybe bring some napkins with you.

Same story over in Edinburgh at Bross Bagels, who added to their sandwiches-with-holes empire last year with a new spot on Leith Walk, and with a third just opened on Queensferry Street in December. Their bagels are fantastically chewy and savoury, their fillings are exciting and plentiful, and their Russian dressing will get stuck in your beard. Grab a bagel, head to the beach/ park/insurance office (delete as applicable for your location) and rock on.

Back in Glasgow, you were big fans of Kurdish Street Food in the Southside, home to some outlandish kebabs and the kind of simple title you really appreciate after leafing through pages of food venues with names that seem antagonistically vague. And then there are street food veterans Babu Bombay Street Kitchen, who went full circle in 2018. Their permanent spot on West Regent Street closed its doors, leaving the team to focus on the new on-street or truck-based opportunities afforded by the Scottish food and drink scene. Some bastard nicked their catering van (boo!) but they got it back shortly afterwards (yay!); you can find them popping up with delicious curries and naan sandwiches at the likes of Platform and The Big Feed in Glasgow, or at the Stockbridge Market in Edinburgh.