Scotland's Best Sunday Lunch

It's the King of Lunches; here are your picks for where to get Scotland's best Sunday lunch

Feature by Peter Simpson | 03 Jan 2018

Without wishing to go all Alan Partridge on you, Sundays can be a bit of a tough one. Too close to the working week to fully let loose, but then doing nothing seems like a waste. Go for a walk? It's raining sideways. Wash the car? You don't have one. Have a big lunch? Get stuck for hours tidying up. But get someone else to make that big lunch, and you're laughing while gnawing on roast potatoes with a pint in your hand.

Chop House (East Market St & 102 Constitution St, Edinburgh) are known for their outlandish steaks and comfy chairs, so they seem like a good place to start. Chop House's Sunday roast is an outlandish affair that has its own page on their website, with award-winning beef from Hardiesmill in the Borders joined by all your classic trimmings and a teeny-tiny pan of bone marrow gravy. Throw in some ace Bloody Marys and a fully stocked bar, and you've got yourself a Sunday afternoon. 

The Butcher Shop (1055 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow) operate a similar policy of 'get amazing cuts of meat, cook them well, give them to people', and their Sunday lunch is no exception. Choose from a grass-fed roast sirloin of beef or a bone-in pork chop, bang on a load of sides including outlandishly puffy Yorkshire puddings, get a nice bottle of red wine and you're both good to go and not going anywhere. 

And for the delights of a classic pub lunch with a twist, check out the Scran and Scallie (1 Comely Bank Rd, Edinburgh) and the Sheep Heid Inn (43 The Causeway, Edinburgh). The former is the gastropub by revered chef Tom Kitchin, taking high-end chef tricks and using them to fire out delicious versions of the lunch you know and love; the latter is a genuine old-timey country pub with a 600-year-old skittle alley that's within walking distance of the city centre. OK, you do have to walk over Arthur's Seat to get there, but it's Sunday – you can spare the time.