Scotland's Best Pizza: The Skinny Food & Drink Survey 2018

Everyone loves pizza, and you lot love these pizzas more than most

Feature by Peter Simpson | 03 Jan 2018

From classic Neapolitan pies with age-old ingredients and processes, to modern takes towered with outrageous and exciting flavour combos, via disgraceful pineapple-based abominations, we all like pizza. When we asked you to name your favourite Scottish pizzas, you picked four spots that run the gamut in terms of style and pizza tradition.

For the classically minded, Paesano Pizza (94 Miller St & 471 Great Western Rd, Glasgow) is the place to go. Cooked in wood-fired ovens imported from Naples, Paesano's pizzas are gloriously puffy and pack the burnt edges and gooey centre that you want from a classic Neapolitan pizza. The menu is straightforward (it's basically just a list of delicious pizzas) so the seat-to-eat time can be comically low, and the incredible quality of the food comes with a wallet-friendly price tag. Head to Paesano with a tenner in your pocket and half an hour on the clock, and you can come out at the other side of a pizza and a beer with both time and change to spare. 

Over in Edinburgh, Civerinos' two venues offer up a pair of different takes on the New York-style sourdough pizza. At their main spot (5 Hunter Sq), it's all long benches, booths and amazingly thin whole pies, while over at their Slice shop (49 Forrest Rd) there's a grab-and-go focus with a host of classic pizzas available by-the-slice as well as their square Grandma pizza. At both venues, the amount of flavour packed into a slice is impressive – the Hot Hot Sausage, which comes with its own bottle of house-made hot sauce, and the meatball-topped pizza are our personal favourites. Both branches also have regular offers to get you stocked up on amazing pizza for cheap – their Instagram is a good source for both the latest deals, and an impressive array of pizza-based memes.

Down in Leith, a pair of pizza joints each offer up great pizza options within a stone's throw of the other. The wood-fired pizza at Origano (236 Leith Walk) is available in a host of sizes and configurations, meaning that if you can't quite face a pie the size of a tractor wheel, you still don't have to share with your glutonous friends and family. It's also a nice place to be, all exposed brick and nice wooden tables, but their deal with a number of Leith Walk boozers where they'll bring you a pizza *in the pub* is the kind of genius we will always applaud. Over the road, La Favorita (325 Leith Walk) is another place to get top-notch wood-fired pizza with an impressive array of toppings, and their fleet of charming delivery cars (think a trendier version of Noddy's motor and you're getting there) means that, even as you sit at home under your duvet, you're never far from a tasty slice or two.