The Skinny Food and Drink Survey: Scotland's Best Breakfast

We take a look at some of your favourite breakfast venues from our Food and Drink Survey

Feature by Peter Simpson | 03 Jan 2018

It’s the most important meal of the day, but too often breakfast consists of a limp piece of toast and a bowl of cereal that counts as a success as long as at least half of it ends up in your mouth. Maybe that’s why we all like to go out for breakfast, and why we’re sometimes willing to queue down the block to get a fry-up or some lovely eggs.

If you want to head to Loudons (94b Fountainbridge, Edinburgh) at the weekend, we recommend taking a camping chair. Not because of the decor – it’s lovely, in a very sunny and pine-heavy way – but because the queues outside every Saturday and Sunday are a sight to behold. It makes sense – a very baby and child-friendly vibe, a city centre location with plenty of space for you and all your buddies, and an eclectic menu with options for everyone. 

At Singl End (265 Renfrew St, Glasgow), the choices are plentiful and almost everything on the breakfast agenda has an interesting twist. Cooked breakfasts feature homemade pork and fennel sausages, there are more egg-based options than you can shake a stick at, and if you want a slice of toast there are six types of house-baked bread to choose from. Six! 

And speaking of eggs, the baked egg seems incredibly prevalent in your favourite breakfast spots. Makes sense – the only thing better than a gooey, soft egg is said egg surrounded by other delicious things. Ostara Cafe (52 Coburg St, Edinburgh) and Cafe Strange Brew (1109 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow) have both featured them on their exciting menus in recent times, with Strange Brew earning bonus points for serving theirs in lovely little cast iron dishes. Fair play for making the effort; it is, after all, the most important meal of the day