Save the Date: Edinburgh and Glasgow's top date places

Here are your favourite food venues for a date in Edinburgh or Glasgow – we’ve worked out which romantic scenario they suit best to help you on your way

Feature by Peter Simpson | 07 Jan 2015

For a first date… Hillhead Bookclub
Any first date needs an icebreaker, and Hillhead Bookclub has plenty of them. An exciting interior, a great drinks list filled with interesting cocktails at date-friendly prices, a regular rotation of DJs and events to help you through any lulls in conversation, and a ping-pong table in case you feel like injecting a bit of energy into proceedings. You can learn a lot about someone by their willingness to let you win a meaningless competition; be sure to make a mental note of the outcome.

For a holi-date… Inn Deep
When the stars align and two people who want to meet up on a sunny weekday both have the time off work, it’s important that they capitalise on that. Inn Deep’s Kelvinbridge location is perfect – go for a jolly stroll through the park, look out onto the river, have a good old laugh at all the unhappy working people roundabout, then head down to the bar’s riverside beer garden for a pint and a chat.

For a night out with a well-trained partner… Ox and Finch
A stable relationship is in no way required to enjoy Ox and Finch, the tapas-style restaurant from Street Food Cartel co-founder Jonathan MacDonald, but we reckon it might be advisable to get past the first few dates before visiting the Finnieston spot. Why? Sharing plates, that’s why. Nobody wants to lose a perfectly good companion over a piece of steak or a delicate ox cheek, but this stuff is so good that it’d be a bright idea to clarify your rules on sharing before heading down. Visit this one to celebrate great Scottish cooking, and your tolerance for your partner’s love of taking huge chunks out of your dinner.

For when time is no object… The Vintage
Situated down by the shore in Leith, the location and concept of The Vintage really does lend itself to the kind of meetup that vastly overruns its initial timeslot. The food menu packs a real punch, the laid-back ambience of the place is infectious, and the constantly-rotating craft beers provide a talking point and reason to stay for another drink. Clear your schedule, arrange a two-hour lunch date, and watch the time fly by.

For a special occasion… Timberyard
The super-cool decor, the Nordic-inflected menu, and the sheer friendliness of the Radford family behind Timberyard marks this place the one for that ‘big event.’ Mention the name in polite company and you’re met with mentions of weddings, anniversaries and engagements, all celebrated within Timberyard’s stark but striking interior in a former timber warehouse in the West Port. If you’re invited on a date to Timberyard, expect something interesting to happen, and some incredible food to boot.

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