Phagomania: Take It Away

When we asked our resident Phagomaniac to come up with a way of combining the winners in the Best Shop and On-The-Go categories, we didn’t think he’d take it literally…

Feature by Lewis MacDonald | 07 Jan 2015

The results of this year’s survey tells us a few things, but one key thing is clear – the sandwich is back, baby. Tired of burgers, pulled pork and other US imports? The good old British sandwich has a lot to offer, even if in this case nothing entirely British is inside the thing. Sandwiches are featuring highly on the menus of this year’s on-the-go winners (and before you start bombarding us with irate emails, a burrito counts as a sandwich, at least according to New York City law). 

To honour the winners in our categories for best food on the move and best food shop, we’ve been ensconced in the kitchen to create this beautiful tribute which accidentally looks a bit like a rag doll. Let’s try and un-see that, and take a closer look at this Scooby Doo-esque creation from the bottom up:

The first layer

Fresh deli hummus sets the foundation, with sweet potato wedges and red pepper, courtesy of Glasgow’s Roots and Fruits – making decadence healthy. We also found an amazing Bavarian Bakery spelt and honey loaf in there, which houses this madness.

The second layer

We mix things up with curried chicken breast pieces from Waitrose and fiery hot sauce from Lupe Pintos deli. It may not be an authentic recipe we’re working to, but we’re in Mexico and India in both spirit and spice.

The third layer

Just in case there wasn’t already enough meat, cue a whole German fleischwurst and gherkins from, where else, Lidl.

The fourth layer

We’re getting somewhere now, and we know what you’re thinking – where’s the cheese at? Some Monterey Jack and jalapeños from Lupe’s will do it, setting the scene for our headliner...

The final layer

A burrito – that's right, this is a sandwich within a sandwich. You can make your own using ingredients from right across your winning shops, or just do what we did and cheat by getting it from Taco Mazama. It’s packed with our personal favourite slow roasted pork and the extra hot salsa. You know, the one with the sweetcorn in it.

The garnish/ dessert

After all that savoury, we need a dessert, hence the Lidl caramel wafer. Oh, and for a touch of refinement, an olive garnish from Waitrose. Come on, we’re not monsters.

To drink

You’ll be in need of something to wash all that down. We recommend some organic beetroot juice from Real Foods – after all, you do have to watch what you eat.

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