Phagomania: Shop, in the Name of Love

We couldn't let the Survey pass without letting our resident phagomaniac loose. Here are his tips for how to get the most out of your favourite food and drink retailers

Feature by Lewis MacDonald | 07 Jan 2014

Lupe Pintos/ Real Foods

Sometimes it isn’t enough to merely eat your food. You have to control the food, manipulate the food, to paint with a broad (but edible) brush. Head to Lupe Pintos for your hot sauces, your guacamole, and your salsa. Don’t forget your nacho cheese, essential for getting those highlights. Grab a rustic organic loaf from Real Foods and BOOM! Art. Genuine, actual art.

IJ Mellis

It’s the 'all the cheeses' sandwich, in that it's a sandwich made solely from cheese. A layering from hard cheeses on the outside, blending into soft cheeses in the inside. Our man on the inside at Mellis recommends Mimolette for the outside, then Montgomery Cheddar. Tomme de Savoie next (it’s one of the softer of the hard cheeses), followed by Dunsyre Blue, Brie de Meaux Donge, with a runny Vacherin Mont d'or centre. That’s a lot of cheese, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Mellis (with some possible 'help' from Vahalla’s Goat and Cornelius)

We don’t want to think how much this cost in both financial and emotional terms, but little effigies of your favourite Scottish cultural figures made from top notch Scottish cheese are expressions of civic pride we can get on board with. Our American cousins have their giant cheddar Lincoln, but we’ll happily feature the first person to sculpt Steve Mason or Stuart Braithwaite from manchego. And that’s a promise.