FRabbit Food East: Scott Hutchison's top Edinburgh eats

Feature by Dave Kerr & Peter Simpson | 25 Jan 2013
  • Scott Hutchison

The Selkirk-raised brothers Hutchison and comrades, AKA Frightened Rabbit, are all set to reach the next summit with fourth album and major label debut Pedestrian Verse when it lands next month. Given that they’re already up there with whisky and self-deprecating humour as one of our great exports it’s hard to see how that’ll work. Maybe they’ll go supernova, and start absorbing other Scottish indie bands into their gravitational field; maybe they’ll just be even more popular among a wider audience. Who knows?

Anyway, our Music Editor got Scott and Grant to tell us their top Scottish food places. Handily, they split the task 50/50 between east and west. Here's Scott's top picks (pictured left).

Scott Hutchison on Edinburgh

Best Pub: The Queen's Arms (Frederick Street)
Best Cafe: Rock Salt (Constitution Street)
Best Food or Drink Shop: Santangeli's (Polwarth Gardens)
Best Newcomer: Castello Coffee (Castle Street)
Best place... when hungover: Joseph Pearce (Leith Walk)
Best place... for a first date: Edinburgh Butterfly & Insect World, then Dobbies for tea and scones. Worked for me! 
Best place... for showing off: Ondine (George IV Bridge) for posh food, Bramble (Queen St) for posh cocktails.
Best place... when you can't hang about: A chicken kebab wrap from Olimpos take-away (Elm Row) is tough to beat. Not just for a drunken treat either.
Around the World: The Americas: South American cuisine is somewhat neglected in Edinburgh, but if we're talking North American, the burgers at The Cambridge Bar (Young St) are tough to beat. 
Around the World: The Indian Sub-continent: Noor (South Clerk Street) is the best Indian food I've had in Edinburgh. Really consistent too. 
Around the World: Asia: Thai Pad (Leopold Place). Great food and really pleasant staff. 
Around the World: Europe: I really like Vittoria (Leith Walk). Incredibly friendly staff and solid Italian food. Massive choice on the menu too. 
Food Hero: It's not food, but who needs that lumpy shite anyway? Thistly Cross cider is something Scotland can be proud of. Also, they organised a damn fine festival this summer. Good folks.

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Frightened Rabbit's fourth album, Pedestrian Verse, is released on 4 Feb via Atlantic Records