Food Hero: The Doublet, Port Dundas

Award-winning and bullet-catching theatre hotshot Rob Drummond takes us through the one-eyed dogs and suspicious jukebox of his food and drink hero, Port Dundas's finest pub, The Doublet.

Feature by Rob Drummond | 14 Jan 2013
  • The Doublet

“The Doublet is a pub of wonderful contradictions. It's run down but expensive. It's nostalgic but contemporary. It's elbow to elbow or there's just you and a one-eyed dug guarding the pint of anneverseen owner, lost presumably, Renton like, in the admittedly awful facilities. It's incredibly friendly but there's always one or two banter assassins lurking primed with conspiracy theories about how there's really very little evidence Savile ever did anything wrong (story based on actual events).

“I love it because it feels like your Grandma's front room, the bar staff are some of the most pleasant I've ever encountered and the jukebox has everything from Jim Reeves to Black Eyed Peas. Oh, and it has a wonderful two tier graduation system for drunks – upstairs for beginners, downstairs for veterans. I'm afraid that the folk upstairs are beginning to look younger and younger. I think graduation day may be in sight.”

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