The Skinny Food & Drink Survey 2017 Scotland winners

The full list of winners from this year's Food and Drink Survey, and where to find them...

Feature by The Skinny | 04 Jan 2017

Six years is a lifetime in the accelerated world of food and drink, where the hours are long, the drink flows heavily and the whims of the public can set the best laid plans awry. Meanwhile, your enthusiasm for letting us know which venues are your favourites has continued to grow. We picked through thousands of your votes to help celebrate the best of Scotland's food scene, and while it may have been a minor logistical nightmare it feels like it was probably worth it. 

Edinburgh and Glasgow's food and drink scenes are on the rise right now isn't because our ingredients are inherently better, or because of 'something in the water'; it's down to the fact that there's a glut of talented, exciting and inventive people out there taking chances on new ideas, and people willing to go out and eat those ideas.

The Scottish coffee scene is as strong as it's ever been, because our cafes and roasteries are run by incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable people from all over the world who all get on and collaborate with one another. The beer scene has been bolstered by a host of brewers making interesting beers plus cool beer-first bars where those brewers can shift their wares to an appreciative audience; they're two sides of the same coin.

There is no shortage of enthusiasm and skill on display, and as your selections will attest, those two qualities are good ones to start with.

Best Bars

The Allison Arms, 720 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow;
Bryant and Mack, 87 Rose St North Ln, Edinburgh;
Inn Deep
, 445 Great Western Rd, Glasgow;
Paradise Palms, 41 Lothian St, Edinburgh;
The Rum Shack, 657 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow;
The Skylark
, 243 Portobello High St, Edinburgh;

Best Breweries

Williams Bros.;
Edinburgh Gin;

Best Cafes

Artisan Roast, 57 Broughton St, 138 Bruntsfield Pl & 100 Raeburn Pl, Edinburgh;
Cafe Strange Brew, 1109 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow;
Lovecrumbs, 155 West Port, Edinburgh;
Ostara Cafe, 52 Coburg St, Edinburgh;
Papercup, 603 Great Western Rd, Glasgow;
Primal Roast, 278 St Vincent St, Glasgow;

Best Food & Drink Shops

Lupe Pintos, 24 Leven St, Edinburgh & 313 Gt Western Rd, Glasgow;
Peckhams, 126 Byres Rd, Glasgow;
Real Foods, 8 Brougham St & 37 Broughton St, Edinburgh;
Roots and Fruits, 455 Gt Western Rd, Glasgow;
Valhalla’s Goat, 449 Gt Western Rd, Glasgow;

Best Food On-the-Go

Brew Box Coffee Company, Wilson St, Glasgow;
Chompsky, various locations, Glasgow;
Julie’s Street Kitchen, Taste Buchanan @ Buchanan Galleries, Glasgow;
Kimchi Cult, 14 Chancellor St, Glasgow;
Ting Thai Caravan, 8 Teviot Pl, Edinburgh
Los Cardos, 281 Leith Walk, Edinburgh;

Best Newcomers

Brew Box Coffee Company, Wilson St, Glasgow;
Bryant and Mack, 87 Rose St North Ln, Edinburgh;
Cafe Strange Brew, 1109 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow;
Good Brothers Wine Bar, 4 Dean St, Edinburgh;
Primal Roast, 278 St Vincent St, Glasgow;
Tempo Tea Bar, New Waverly Arches, E Market St, Edinburgh;

Best Restaurants

El Cartel, 64 Thistle St, Edinburgh;
The Gannet, 1155 Argyle St, Glasgow;
Hanoi Bike Shop, 8 Ruthven Ln, Glasgow;
Mother India's Cafe, 3 Infirmary St, Edinburgh;
Ox and Finch, 920 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow;
Paesano, 94 Miller St, Glasgow;
Timberyard, 10 Lady Lawson St, Edinburgh;