Food & Drink Survey 2014: Hangovers, Dates and Takeaways

Here are your selections for three of the most potentially stressful categories in this year’s survey – date places, on-the-move lunches, and spots to nurse a hangover in Scotland

Feature by Peter Simpson | 07 Jan 2014

You have a date. Congratulations. Now, where to go? Interestingly, four of the five winners in this category won in another category as well – our readers clearly like the safety of familiar surroundings when trying to impress people.

The one place that stood out in the dating game was Edinburgh’s Under the Stairs, a quirky, kitschy basement bar underneath the main action in the city centre. It’s laid-back, the food and drinks are brilliant, and it’s always full of interesting people who will make you seem more interesting by proxy. Smart choice, readers.

Your date went well, and now you are hungover. Commiserations. Luckily, our voters have a wide range of places for you to seek refuge. One of those ‘back on the horse, never mind the fact I just fell off’ types? Inn Deep and The Vintage made the top five as the kind of nice pubs that remind you that life isn’t all bad. Want a cup of tea and a sit down? The Glad Cafe got the nod, as did Freemans in Edinburgh’s Marchmont. A super-friendly neighbourhood cafe that loves its coffee, it’s just the place to get your bearings. Those of you who felt food was the answer voted for Edinburgh’s Wannaburger – crisp white decor, comfy leather chairs, and tasty burgers. You people really are good at this voting business. Gold stars all round.

When it came to grabbing food to go, you voted in Wannaburger (the burgers still taste good sans the decor), and the cracking takeaway grub from Hula. When you had slightly more time to hang around, you plumped for burritos from Leith’s terrific Los Cardos Mexican takeaway, or an on-the-run curry from the Original Mosque Kitchen behind Edinburgh’s Central Mosque in Newington. You also named Greggs the bakers as one of your top five places when you’re in a rush, and you will almost definitely pass at least three of them on your way to your destination. See, we knew asking you lot to do this survey again was a good idea...