Food Survey 2016: Beers, Shops and Takeaways

Voting in our 2016 Food and Drink Survey comes to a close next week – we run through its final four categories.

Feature | 17 Nov 2015

We went over the pub, cafe, date place and best newcomer categories here, so now let’s take a peek at the other four categories in this year’s survey, starting with food-on-the-go.

Eating on the move has seen its image take a boost in recent years, with the quality of the hand-held end of the food pyramid improving all the time. Plus the whole concept of street food basically forces you to eat as you go (probably on your way to that other street food stand). Anyway, name your favourite place for food on the move.

Next, beer! There’s lots of it around – we hear it’s very popular among ‘da yoof’ – and we want to know which is best.

Specifically, we’re looking for local Scottish breweries of all shapes and sizes, from the lone brewer in his shed to the group of brewers spending their days in a beer facility not unlike the silo level from N64 classic Goldeneye. Large or small breweries is our point; just let us know which is your fave.

Eventually, we all have to cook, or at very least bring food into our homes and hope it cooks itself, and that is where your favourite food and drink shops come into play.

Greengrocers with incredible fresh produce, cheesemongers with an endless supply of free samples, off-licences who will humour your attempts to understand wine notes before picking the bottle with the biggest dimple because “dimples mean quality” – they’re all part of our foodie tapestry, so name your favourite one and we’ll make a note of it.

And finally, best international food. That’s right, once again we’ve asked you to name your favourite world food place out of all the places in your city, and somewhat ignored the fact that, almost by definition, everything is international.

Well don’t get annoyed – this is a chance to celebrate the fact that so much of the world’s food is available on our doorstep, then to go through the difficult process of making a snap decision on your favourite world food spot before realising you’ve forgotten your other favourite. Make your choice quickly, mind – we haven’t got much time.

The Skinny Food and Drink Survey closes on 28 November 2015; the results will be announced in January 2016