Back to the Food Survey, Part 3

The Skinny Food and Drink Survey is back! Allow us to pester you into filling it out. No no, we insist

Feature by Peter Simpson | 05 Aug 2013
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The world of food is a lot like a dog on a bus - constantly moving, unpredictable and exciting, and one bite could well give you some kind of disease. Restaurants relocate, pubs bring in new uncomfortable chairs, entire brackets of the national menu get the boot in case there’s bits of horse in them.

It’s a vibrant and ever-changing landscape, and one that needs to be checked over every once in a while. Say, through an annual survey of some kind... Wait a minute, we have one of those!

Yes, voting is now open for the third edition of The Skinny Food and Drink Survey. In January we pored over thousands of suggestions of your favourite places to be fed and watered, recruited some of the country’s top musicians and bands to unduly influence you all, and boiled your opinions on Scottish food and drink down to a handy supplement that we assume you all still have to hand and make regular reference to.

Even if you don’t and have to make your picks from scratch, we still trust you to make some good choices. That's the whole point of the survey – no-one really knows food and drink like the people who take the time, effort and dinero to go and get it. Wisdom of the crowd, that's what we need from you.

Real people know what's up, where to get a kick-ass sandwich, and when a good pub becomes a great pub. Personally, a wide choice of rums gets our attention, but since that whole 'most expensive rum in the world' thing we've got a bit above ourselves. We've become gentrified. Help us Skinny Food section readers, you're our only hope!

So there we are, it’s your time to shine. Tell us where does the food good, and we’ll do some counting and get back to you at the end of the year. Go to to cast votes for your Edinburgh and Glasgow faves. We're joined by the Northwest team in survey land this year, so if you know your way around that neck of the woods you can cast your votes there too on our website. The fate of the world (of food (in Scotland)) is in your hands. Just try not to get bitten and you should be fine.