The Waterloo

Unpretentious and welcoming

Venue Review by Gareth K Vile | 14 Aug 2006
The Waterloo Bar is not the most fashionable pub in Glasgow: with its traditional décor and discreet location near the Clyde, it's a long way from the heart of the LGBT scene in the Merchant City. In spite of its friendly staff and fair prices, it's rarely as busy or as dynamic as the Revolver Bar or the Polo Lounge. In fact, the Waterloo exists as an antidote to the glamorous bustle of the Polo: it serves a clientele of mature men and the atmosphere is more conversational than grand night out. Apart from the crimson velvet curtain and the well stocked juke-box, there's little to distinguish the Waterloo from many other old-fashioned, wood-panelled pubs. This works to its advantage: the Waterloo is unpretentious and welcoming. The staff are courteous and efficient, the spirits selection varied and the range of bottled beers wide. It manages to be both lively and relaxed, catering to both pre-clubbers and regulars: a great place to start an evening out - convenient for the town centre - or to spend an evening chatting. [Gareth K Vile]
306 Argyle Street, Glasgow
Tel 0141 229 5891
Sun 12.30pm-Midnight, Mon-Sat Noon-Midnight.