Stoats Porridge Bar

First Porridge Bar in the World

Feature by Leo Wood | 17 Mar 2006

Old Scots bard Robbie Burns once spoke of porridge as "Chief of Scotia's Food" and indeed this hearty breakfast dish is associated in the hearts of many as a Scottish invention, like it or lump it. So it is truly fitting that Stoats, the first porridge bar in the world, has been set up in Edinburgh by recent graduates Tony Stone, Sean McNeil and Bob Arnott.

This 'brekkie to go' porridge bar will probably be the first of many considering the media interest surrounding the Stoats Porridge Bar vision. The Stoats retro 1960s American van sets up shop every Saturday at the Edinburgh Farmers Market (on Castle Terrace) and at local festivals too, but on normal days the boys and their slinky silver van can be found on the edge of the Meadows, round the back of Edinburgh Uni library.

So I recommend you to get your breakfast on the go and fill yourself up for a day's work with a yummy bowl of porridge (small/medium/large) from Stoats. First, the healthy speak; the porridge oats and ingredients the Stoats boys serve are all organic. And porridge is generally a great source of fibre and one of the easiest ways to digest grains. As a result, it is used traditionally in many cultures, from Mexico to China, to nurse people back to health.

The porridge at Stoats Porridge Bar comes served in different ways: brown sugar and cream for traditional folk, Scotch malt whisky & honey if you want to get a wee bit tipsy, white chocolate and roasted hazelnut for the more adventurous sort. Not to mention the Cranachan - a mix of raspberries, sweet toasted oats and cream or even 'The Stoater'- salty porridge for the true Scotsman! Each porridge bowl is delicious. As an added bonus, you can get a tea and sit at the bar while you wait - and the home made flapjack-style 'porridge bars' that they make are immense too.