Montgomery's Coffee House

the healthy balanced flavours of the bagel were perfect

Venue Review by Simone Gray | 13 Oct 2006
Montgomery's Coffee House has been nestled happily alongside Kelvingrove Park and Art Gallery for over two years now. The stylish interior is littered with students, young mums with their little ones, laptop tapping gents and cosy couples, and offers a welcome retreat for all. The simple menu has just the right fare to keep customers pouring in, the food on offer presenting a small selection of café cuisine from breakfast bits to sandwiches and homemade soup to cakes, muffins and danishes - all available at great prices. Though tempted by the cakes, I opted for a cream cheese, pepper and basil bagel. The warmth and simplicity of the healthy balanced flavours of the bagel were perfect and the crisp leafy salad with peppers and cucumber and a dollop of coleslaw proved that the fare tasted as good as it looked. Afterwards I enjoyed a freshly brewed coffee, one of the finest I had tasted for way too long and thought, whilte nestled in the comfort beneath the high ceiling with a world map papered above, that I could see myself returning here often. [Simone Gray]
9 Radnor Street, West End, Glasgow.
8am-8pm Mon to Fri, 9am-6pm Sat and Sun 9am-6pm.