Glasgow's Top Bars

Fifty quid for the sound proof karaoke booth? Bargain.

Feature by Sophie Kyle | 12 Dec 2006


A big bit of class for Sauchiehall Street. This huge Russian themed bar features the biggest screen in the city alongside a decadent restaurant and beautiful cocktail den.

Hot, Rich, Students.

Saturday night bell ringing in the most fun cocktail bar in the city.

The Living Room

And suddenly I'm in New York, overlooking Manhattan, sipping on a delicacy while my table is being prepared. Simply class.

Sophisticated, Sexy, Bold.

Lighting fast service and fashion TV.

The Butterfly and the Pig

It's your village local in the city centre. This rustic bar is friendly and welcoming complete with cups, saucers, ale and chips. The best Sunday in town.

Humble, Quirky, Hot.

Didn't those chairs used to belong in that porn cinema?

1-10 Grosvenor Terrace
0141 339 8811

The Hilton's new bar should be the blueprint for all style bars. Pale and beautiful with bartenders that call themselves mixologists.

Comfortable, Stylish, Confident.

Wasn't this place a nudist resort?

One Up
23 Royal Exchange Square
0141 225 5612

Chandeliers and dramatic settings make One Up something special. If interior design had a burlesque movement this would be it.

Footballers, Players, Wags.

Fifty quid for the sound proof karaoke booth? Bargain.,,