Its infamy makes it the kind of place you either love or hate

Venue Review by Philip Savage | 15 Feb 2006
The queen bee of Glasgow's gay scene, this bar needs little introduction. Its infamy makes it the kind of place you either love or hate, and it can be very easy to get snobbish about it. With the right attitude, however, it can be a fun experience. It's almost always busy and gets particularly manic at weekends, when maneuvering through the bar feels more like negotiating an assault course. This is no doubt in part due to the brilliant drinks promos which run all week long, making Delmonica's a must if you're skint. The music is entertaining enough, though you're pretty much certain to hear the exact same songs no matter which night of the week you go along. There's always quite a mix of people present, though the seemingly permanent fixtures that stand alone, leering by the bar, can be rather off-putting (and not a little depressing). Indeed, the used lube and condoms which are so often to be found in the toilet cubicles are testament to the cruising that can go on here. This definitely isn't the place to go for a quiet drink, but if you can overlook its less savoury elements and partake in its upbeat atmosphere it can be a great, cheap place to go before clubbing. [Philip Savage]
68 Virginia Street, Glasgow. Daily noon-midnight.