Rather expensive to drink the pain away

Venue Review by Philip Savage | 15 Feb 2006
The website for Bennets proclaims it to be 'Glasgow's Priemier (sic) Gay Night Club'. Such shoddy attention to detail more than sums up the venue's uninspired take on clubbing. Not having visited in years I was determined to approach it with an open mind. Immediately I was struck by how little it had changed. Indeed, it takes a remarkable lack of imagination for a club to burn down yet reopen months later looking exactly as it did before. The music is similarly stuck in a time warp, with grimly pedestrian remixes that slap a 4/4 beat under everything and anything competing with dated dance for your affections. The atmosphere was non-existent and the drinks promos were poor, making it rather expensive to drink the pain away. It was busy enough, but the joyless expressions betrayed a club that thrives on loyalty from people who can't think of anywhere else to go. A rather miserable experience, all told. [Philip Savage]
80-90 Glassford St, Glasgow. Tue, Thu-Sun 11.30pm-3am.