Baby Grand City Centre

the best beer garden in central Glasgow

Feature by Cara McGuigan | 15 Jun 2006

Baby Grand City Centre has got it made. Really. By doing almost nothing – changing the name and menu of the old Favela and plonking a bloke on an upright piano beside the door – this new addition to the Baby Grand family has ensured that it will be the busiest bar of the summer. It's still got the same dark, cramped and ill-thought out interior (death trap stairway and low ceilings upstairs – watch out tall people), and the staff look very familiar too. However, it also has the best beer garden in central Glasgow, hands down, and the new menu has a Mediterranean feel.

With plenty of seating well away from the traffic, this is also the one place in Glasgow where smokers can have a civilised, well-priced drink, either in the sun (here's hoping) or under the spacious, heated, waterproof brollies. Phenomenal.