New in Food: Lady Libertine, Mr Wu's Disco Kitchen & more

As the new year motors on in earnest, we round up some of the more interesting and exciting new bars, cafes and restaurants to check out across Edinburgh and Glasgow

Feature by Peter Simpson | 08 Feb 2019
  • Lady Libertine


Name your cafe or restaurant after one of our favourite bands and you’re going to grab our attention, and while this Merchant City bar is sadly short on references to Malkmus and co it does have a few other things going for it. It’s in a great location, just round the corner from GoMA; the menu is varied but affordable, and all signs are that their fridges will always feature at least one or two weird or rarely seen beers to try out. 69 Hutcheson St, Glasgow

Mr Wu's Disco Kitchen 

This new Shawlands spot throws its focus onto Asian dishes of all shapes and sizes. You’ve got your small plates – your soft shell crab, your fried tofu – and your bigger plates of katsu and satay, as well as most things in between. The folk behind Mr Wu’s are big fans of the-ones-and-twos, with regular DJ guests planned for the coming months, which explains the ‘disco’ part of the name. And if you ever wonder whether you’ve wandered into the wrong place, a giant mural of the name on the wall will set you right. 87 Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow

Soul Food Kitchen 

“Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well” reads the enormous block letters on the wall in the first picture of Soul Food Kitchen you’ll find online. Yes, this is a healthily minded vegan cafe, but of the kind that most of you will be able to get on with. That means ‘raw’ cakes made from plant sugars, bowl-based mains of varying origin, and a broad range of all-veg dishes to please even the most dogmatic omnivores. 973 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow

Lady Libertine

New from the people behind El Cartel and Bon Vivant, Lady Libertine is a two-floor den of swanky lighting and tasty booze perched just off St Andrew Square. The food is an intriguing array of mezze dishes and flatbreads (so wear a patterned top to help you cover up any hummus stains), the drinks list is interesting but not too long, and it’s open til 3am for those of you who love to stay out late but don’t like clubbing. 25 West Register St, Edinburgh

Burlington Bros

The Burlington Bertie is no more, time’s endless march swallowing up the Tollcross pub last year, but at least what’s taking its spot offers an interesting change of pace. A sister venue to the excellent Bullard and Worth (formerly Bryant and Mack) off Rose St, Burlington Bros seems to present a similar offering – lovely lighting, nice chairs, excellent cocktails, and a spot that’s easy to find if you know where it is but also handy if you need to lay low for an hour or two. Come for the delicious drinks, stay for a quick game of ‘Who’s here on a Tinder date?’ 11-13 Tarvit St, Edinburgh

Bross Bagels

Larah Bross’ much-loved bagelry has sprouted a third branch, this time in the West End just off Princes Street. It’s a tiddler with just a few tables, but ideal if you need a highly smashable bagel on your way to/from the office/gym/sofa (delete as applicable). Expect the same freshly made bagels, brilliant fillings and exquisite-yet-puerile signwriting (it says ‘Fill That Hole’ on the wall outside!) that have made Bross a favourite. 19 Queensferry St, Edinburgh