The Eclectica Experiment: Meet the cocktails

Ahead of our Eclectica Experiment event with Black Bottle, we take a look at the dark but beautiful cocktails paired with the evening's entertainment

Feature by Peter Simpson | 13 Apr 2017

The Eclectica Experiment, at The Caves in Edinburgh on 20 April, is a night all about stepping new experiences. We've curated a line-up that features Iklan – the brand-new collaboration between experimental dark-pop queen Law Holt, the Leith Congregational Choir and Timothy London (co-producer of Young Fathers' debut) – plus Meursault, Faith Eliott, and Future Get Down. There's contemporary dance from Ashanti Harris, spoken word from the former and current Scottish Slam Champions – Iona Lee and poet/comedian Daniel Piper – plus a screening of Scottish Ballet short film Maze, and the whole evening is compered by Flint & Pitch's own Jenny Lindsay.   

But wait, there's more! Your £10 ticket doesn't just get you that lovely lot, for we've also lined up five whisky cocktails from some of the country's best bars, that will be served to accompany the music, spoken word and dance on the night. They all feature Black Bottle whisky, they're all suitably monochromatic, they each feature eclectic and exciting ingredients, and they all sound bloody delicious. Don't take our word for it though; the bartenders behind each of the drinks have given us an insight into the thinking behind their cocktails, and the artists they've been designed to complement.

Fears Disappear by Jack Blackwell, Timberyard (matched with Iona Lee)
Black Bottle whisky, dry sherry, salted berry cordial, Absinthe, charcoal
This black drink reflects Iona’s work which can appear dark but reveals lightness, complexity and sweetness. The Absinthe adds an ethereal quality, leaving a long afterthought.

Voyage of the Senses by Mike McGinty, The Voyage Of Buck (matched with Ashanti Harris & Scottish Ballet short film Maze)
Black Bottle whisky, Apricot brandy, Lady Grey tea, saffron syrup, lemon juice
Like Ashanti’s physical movements, this drink is effervescent, bold, sensual, sweet, memorable and thought-provoking.

A Walk In The Park by Cal McMillan, Old Toll Bar Glasgow (matched with Meursault)
Black Bottle whisky, medium dry sherry, Cocchi Vermouth di Torino, Dark Matter rum
This drink creates the beautiful sweet and dark mystery of a Meursault song with a soothing feeling that may be unfamiliar but somehow feels like home.

Nuts & Bolts by Mal Spence, Black Bottle Global Ambassador (matched with Future Get Down)
Black Bottle whisky, Lapsang Souchong cordial, cola syrup, bitters, soda, smoked rosemary
A balance of soft smoky natural flavours and robust bold bitter notes to match the mechanical yet human sound of Future Get Down

Black & White by Matty Hutchinson, Bramble (matched with Iklan featuring Law Holt & Leith Congregational Choir)
Black Bottle whisky, Bramble berry liqueur, Jägermeister, lemon juice, vanilla syrup, egg white
Dark yet light. Spicy yet fruity. This complex combination of flavours is contradictory yet complimentary, just like Iklan’s sound.

Tickets for the Eclectica Experiment at The Caves on 20 Apr are on sale now for £10, which includes the five aforementioned whisky cocktails, food, and the evening's entertainment.