Worship Alcohol

Feature by Nimrod Baker | 15 Jun 2006

Since the dawn of time, mankind has engaged in the use of mind-altering substances. The earliest of such endeavors were with indigenous peoples who used hallucinogenic drugs with the purpose of spiritual enlightenment and in shamanic rituals. In this context these substances are more precisely referred to as entheogens. Many ancient civilizations used entheogens as part of their ritualistic culture including, Egyptian, Aztec, Maya, Inca, Mycenaean and Greek peoples.

Some modern day sub-cultures and religions are still using mind-altering substances as part of their religious ritual; Jewish and Christian communities use wine, the Islamic faith with Khat, the Hindu and Rastafari dogma use ganja.

Lets not forget that alcohol is a drug. Ancient societies used alcohol for many purposes from pleasure to ritual, and from nutritional to medicinal. Around 4000BC Egyptians consumed alcohol as part of their everyday lifestyle, and produced, developed and invented as many as 10 varieties of beer and over 20 varieties of wine. The Egyptians deified alcohol (in particular wine) and it was a revered substance throughout the social heirarchy from royalty to peasantry. Other ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Greek, Middle-Eastern and Babylonians also produced and used alcohol as part of ritual and daily life.

This is a very far cry from modern society; where it seems impossible to do anything social without the inevitability of booze being part of the program. Of course many people still "worship" alcohol as such, but it is certainly done with far less reverence than in the day of old. I wonder what the high priests and shamans of ancient times would say about White Diamond Cider and Buckfast?

Respect your intoxicants and yourself by making some of these tasty treats and give true reverence to alcohol.


Moonshine Milkshake

35ml White Rum, 35ml Cr'me De Cacao, 2 chocolate chip cookies, 1 scoop of ice cream (vanilla) and a dash of milk. Blended. Your choice of glass.



35ml Gold Tequila,15ml of Cointreau (triple sec), juice from 1/2 of a lime. Shaken over ice, strained into a Martini glass and topped with cranberry juice (white cranberry - if you can find it).


Apple Polisher

70ml Calvados, 1/2 a lime (chopped finely), 4 mint leaves and a teaspoon of caster sugar. Muddle all ingredients add a little splash of apple juice shake over ice vigorously. Pour into highball glass, top with a splash of soda and garnish with a slice of apple.

Drink Responsibly!