The Skinny's Spring and Summer Food Trend Forecast

After digging ourselves out of snow-enforced hibernation, here’s a look at what we’ll all be eating as 2018 continues

Feature by Peter Simpson | 12 Apr 2018
  • The Great British Ethical BBQ

Andean Cuisine
Our editor-in-chief has been pushing the idea of ‘Llama 360’ – Andean camelid dominance of all aspects of our cultural lives – and it turns out she may well be on to something. Venezuelan and Colombian dishes like arepas and empanadas are fairly ubiquitous among Scotland’s street food markets, and the region’s food is something of a summery sideways step from the meat-heavy diets of Argentina and Brazil without losing out on tasty South American flavours. We reckon that llama could be in for a run at our menus over the coming months, but to get a genuine expert’s insight into the region’s cuisine, head to Edinburgh Food Studio’s Chilean Bistronomy events with chef Carolina Bazán of revered Santiago restaurant Ambrosia (19-21 Apr) for a taste of modern Chile.

Meatless Barbecue
We’ve been banging the drum on this one for a while, but it bears repeating at this time of year – you can cook something other than a cheap, bad sausage on a barbecue. You’re out in the park with a few beers; this is not the time to be horsing around with a weirdly over-processed oblong that’ll give you some serious intestinal issues when you undercook it. Have a nice salad, grill some root vegetables, use the money you save on more beer, repeat all summer long.

Sheltering From The Elements
And speaking of that summer, Scotland’s street food vendors have definitely continued to pursue a great solution to the Scottish weather – namely, heading indoors. With Platform at the former Arches site by Central Station joining The Big Feed in Govan and Dockyard Social in Finnieston, there's now a trio of places for Glaswegians to run to when foolish dreams of a nice day out get shat on by the sun gods. Edinburghers haven't quite turned their back on the elements, so we advise taking an umbrella if you’re heading to The Pitt...