The Lotus Martini

A relatively young cocktail created in 2001 at Match Bar (London) by Martin Walander

Feature by James Squires | 16 Apr 2006

The sweetness of the lychee syrup mellows the alcoholic edge of this cocktail, which leaves the unique botanical flavours of the gin to mix fantastically well with the mint, Curacao and grenadine. The cocktail should be violet in colour with a small mint sprig floating in the centre of the drink like a flower - it's a cocktail with enough sophistication to please even the most pretentious connoisseur. The subtle and well-balanced flavours mix to create a truly sensational drink, either mix it up at home or challenge your local bartender - either way you have to try it!

Glass – Martini
Garnish – Mint Sprig
6 fresh Mint Leaves
45ml Plymouth gin
35ml Lychee syrup (juice from tinned lychee's)
5ml Grenadine
5ml Blue Curacao

Gently muddle the mint in the base of your cocktail shaker with the gin, then fill the cocktail shaker with ice and add the other three ingredients. Shake the cocktail vigorously until a frost appears on the outside of the metal shaker. Fine strain your cocktail into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a mint sprig.

James Squires, Bartender, NB's BAR, Balmoral Hotel, 1 Princes Street, Edinburgh