New in Food: Saboteur, Trenchtown & more

Flavours from around the world feature in our latest food and drink round-up, from fried chicken in Glasgow to Vietnamese and Caribbean in Edinburgh

Feature by Peter Simpson | 27 Sep 2017

Dixie Chick
Chicken – it's delicious, it's versatile, it's the best. The gourmet chicken shop does seem to be one of the year's developing trends, and Dixie Chick (above Vodka Wodka in Glasgow's West End) is the latest iteration to make its debut. The menu's straightforward – pick the bit of the chicken you want, and which hot sauce to go with it, and you're pretty much done. The prices are decent, the branding is eye-catching, and it's right in the heart of everything if you want to go straight from a full-scale poultry binge into an evening of partying. To each their own, we suppose. 31 Ashton Ln, Glasgow.

The Herbivore Kitchen
After starting life with supper clubs and a converted police box, The Herbivore Kitchen is a more permanent outpost from the vegan aces. The menu is full of great breakfast and lunch options, with a focus on pancakes (which we're on board with) and deli-style sandwiches (again, good shout). Another excellent choice for the non-carnivores of Edinburgh's southside. 65 Clerk St, Edinburgh.

In Bloom
In Bloom's teal frontage and highly familiar font will put a certain 90s grunge band in mind straight away. Yes, that one; the one with the famous drummer and the very tall fella on the bass. Anyway, once you get inside In Bloom is a 100% vegan, "cruelty-free" cafe serving up an eclectic mix of cafe classics both savoury and sweet, but with all the animal stuff taken out. 48 Clarendon Pl, Glasgow.

One of the latest in a string of new spots to open down by the Shore, Mamasan's is yet another excellent addition to Edinburgh's cocktail scene. Inventive and exciting Asian-inspired drinks in a cool space, right next to lots of other cool and interesting food and drink? That's us sold, and we trust you feel the same. 7 Bernard St, Edinburgh.

Ting Thai Caravan has been one of your favourite restaurants ever since it opened its doors in 2013. In fact, there's still queues outside on a daily basis, which suggests that it's the sort of thing Edinburgh people are in to. Saboteur, the new Vietnamese joint from the same team just down the street, isn't at those hype levels yet, so we recommend heading down as soon as possible. Because with delicious Vietnamese soups and curries, a pleasing rework of Caravan's interior look and outlandishly good prices, we reckon it'll be packed out constantly by the end of the year. 20 Teviot Pl, Edinburgh.

Trenchtown has a lot going for it; a great location right opposite the Kings Theatre on the edge of Tollcross and Bruntsfield, a really strong look (teal is back, people), and it's offering up a cuisine that has been hitherto underrepresented in Edinburgh's food and drink scene. Luckily, the reports are that the food is equally impressive, with the extensive range of jerk meats, small plates and Caribbean curries all packing a healthy spice punch. Exciting stuff. 4-8 Lochrin Buildings, Edinburgh.

The Upside Down
They've worked their boozy magic on the Game of Thrones and Walking Dead stories, and now the Pop Up Geeks are back with their latest venture, the Stranger Things-inspired Upside Down. Head beneath stairs at the already-excellent Six Degrees North and cocktails, boozy ice cream floats, loads of fairy lights and plenty of borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered Eighties awaits. Sunday to Friday, until 31 Oct; 24 Howe St, Edinburgh.

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