A Scottish Salute

Feature by Nimrod Baker | 15 Jul 2006

So many great and often overlooked spirits, liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages come from Scotland. Apart from the obvious Whiskies and Ales, there are some very complex, delicious (and multi-award winning) Scottish products on the market.
Support your local economy, support your taste-buds!


30ml Glayva Liqueur
10ml Drambuie
Squeeze of Lemon, built over ice and topped with ginger ale


Saltire Salute
30ml Whisky (use the best, use Scottish)
10ml Amaretto
Dash of Bitters, dash of Sugar Syrup, Shaken over ice
Topped with Soda with a cherry on top


Dunedin Dally
30ml Hendricks Gin
10ml Cointreau
A couple of muddled Blackberries, Dash sugar syrup, Squeeze of fresh lime
Topped with Champagne/Cava

Please Drink Responsibly