#Onward! Scot Street Style launch debut book

Preview by Leonie Wolters | 30 Jan 2015

Quick warning: the universe may implode this Saturday, at around 7pm. At that time, the nebulous fashion platform Scot Street Style, the connoiseurs of the finer beard oils from The Brotique, sexy, sexy production company Location Scotland and ruggedly independent publisher Tiger Forest come together to launch the Scottish style book #Onward!. Saturday's launch party, hosted at Glasgow’s SWG3 Warehouse, may well be too cool to exist in time and space. When combined with the recent cold snap this shindig could lead to temperatures falling off the scale and all matter collapsing in on itself. So, pretty cool then.

The evil genius gracing the cover of #Onward!, and thus responsible for the looming apocalypse, is Gordon Millar, also known as the Herald Scotland’s fashion blogger Man About Town. Since 2013, he and his brethren have organised occasional Gatherings to connect stylish Scots to one another, as well as creating the ScotStreetStyle platform to celebrate their work and outfits. Over 400 of those who make, wear and work with beautiful things now find their likenesses materialised in the photographs of #Onward!, at least for as long as our universe holds it together.

Rather than bore you with the technical details of our world’s imminent demise, rest assured that eschatological entertainment will be provided by DJ David Stone’s old school soul and Motown records, and by photographer Simon Murphy and his neutrino-sized pop-up studio. Murphy's attempt to record our existence for future civilisations may be futile, but you best smile anyway, just in case.

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SWG3 Warehouse, 100 Eastvale Pl, Glasgow, G3 8QG; 31 Jan, 7pm; http://scotstreetstyle.com