Fringe Dog's Glasgow Comedy Festival guide

Fringe Dog runs away from home to give us a guide to Glasgow International Comedy Festival

Feature by Fringe Dog | 11 Mar 2019
  • Fringe Dog

as im a norfolk terrier you might ask me why im stickin my muddy paws into the glasgow comedy festival programme .

it is a very fair and resonable question and it is no less than i would expect from someone as briliant and insiteful as you 

you say :surely the “edimbrugh fringe dog " is goin to be biased against glasgow !?!

o boy if you want to see my hero look in the mirror !!! you so clever to rumble me straight away !!!

ok ,it no secret i love edimbrugh with all my heart valves … but even i admit edimbrugh is to comedians what a dog home is to dogs … a wonderful place where you go with lots of other dogs to get better as a dog and wait for someone to notice how special you are 

but theres something very different and very funny about glasgow … i truly believe glasgow has more comedians born per population and per minute than anywhere else in the world !!! 

i have no fundin to prove my hypothesis and if it wasnt for the current political climates we could make reserachin comedic births in glasgow a big priority … insted we must stockpile essentials like puppy trainin pads and wormin tablets .it shame as it would be an illuminatin and hilarious study and o boy do we need some big glasgow laughs right now !!! 

but if i could start my glasgow study i would begin with billy connolly .

now im not a theological expert but i do think billy connolly might be god . 

the three giant murals of mr billy around glasgow suggest he is worshipped as a deity in glasgow (or perhaps a fertility symbol ??? ) . i do think this is most wise .

you say :ahha ,this interestin philosophical train of thoughts you start here fringe dog .are you sayin comedy started with god /mr billy --and if so what came before god ???

again i congratulates you on your intellect ,but the question "what came before god ??" ,is easy to answer and verify :it was mr arnold brown

mr arnold was born a few years before mr billy ,in glasgow ,in 1936. 

thats about 581 dog years ago !!!

he was first comedian to play famous comedy store in london and first stand-up to win edimbrugh comedy award in 1987 .we owe him much bonio. 

mr arnold once share stage at ibrox with frank sinatra !!! he make briliant pun on mr frank's song title "fly me to the moon " by callin it "fly me to dunoon ". it 5star pun and make me smile and pant for breath every time i think on it 

we must try and find all the glasgow comics at the glasgow comedy festival . larry dean ,limmy ,scott agnew ,elaine c smith ,ashley storrie ,janey godley ,christopher macarthur-boyd and many more glasgow comedians ,all 5star briliants ,o boy it will be just like a game of fetch !!!

with this undertakin you will see the perfect art form of stand-up comedy in its natural habitat .

Glasgow International Comedy Festival runs 14-31 March in venues across the city