Limmy remixes the Golden Girls theme tune

Glasgow comedian Limmy has returned to the mixing desk to create an electronic version of the classic 80s sitcom’s cheery theme tune

Article by Jamie Dunn | 20 Apr 2018
  • Limmy

We all know Daft Punk's blissful single Get Lucky is the sound of the summer – Glasgow comedian Limmy keeps reminding us of the fact, at least. Might Get Lucky be usurped for this title by an even more feelgood tune: Limmy’s own remix of the heartwarming opening credits theme from 80s sitcom The Golden Girls?

Limmy is no stranger to the mixing desk. His inspired take on another 80s classic, the music from the Fry’s Turkish Delight ad, is an undeniable banger, and Limmy’s techno version of the tune has even been known to sneak into DJ setlists at clubnights throughout Scotland.

Will his take on The Golden Girls be similarly embraced? It’s not quite as epic as his Turkish Delight opus, and Limmy doesn’t croon “Thank you for being a friend…” over the tune, but it is a pleasant little ditty that would make for a cracking ringtone on your old Nokia 3310.

Take a listen to Limmy’s remix below (or on Limmy's soundcloud), and compare it to the sprightly original in the YouTube video beneath that.

Limmy recently made a return to the BBC this month with a one off of Limmy's Homemade Show. If you missed the original broadcast, you’ve 15 days left to give it a look on iPlayer.