The Skinny Showcase: Artists' Christmas Cards 2015

It's that time of year again: no, not Christmas, even better! Presenting: The Skinny's artists' Christmas Cards, contributed by the fantastic illustrators, photographers and designers who make the magazine look amazing every month. Happy Christmas indeed!

Gallery | 11 Dec 2015

Scroll through The Skinny's Christmas Cards above, and find out more about the artists – and some of the inspiration behind their cards – below.

Alice Chandler is from Leeds and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA Sculpture in 2015. She was one of four graduate artists showing in The Skinny Showcase exhibition at Hill St Design House earlier this year, part of Edinburgh Art Festival 2015.

Emily Tilzey is a graduate of Manchester School of Art. "I create work spontaneously and never have pre-considered visuals in mind. In my younger years I used to agonise over making something look like something else. Working abstractly and expressively opened my mind and I found my happy place using shapes, lines and colours."

Darren Cullen: "There might well be some genitalia in there, I can't remember."

Gemma Burke studied photography in Glasgow and is a freelance music photographer for The Skinny and The 405.

Nick Booton is a designer and illustrator who operates Liverpool-based design and print studio Studio Bruï, which uses hand-built screen-printing equipment and also produces screen-printed clothing. 

Ria Fell is an illustrator and artist based in Liverpool. "I have a particular fondness for pencil and paint, but work with a variety of materials and occasionally blend my graphite scribbles with a touch of computer magic."

Josie Sommer is an illustrator currently based in Worcester. “I love Carson McCullers, Nikolai Gogol, The Shangri-Las, The Gun Club, The Third Man and Frasier.”

Andrew Denholm is a freelance illustrator from Melrose, Scotland. “I made a picture of Santa using only penis shapes. Hope this is what you were looking for!”

Nick Cocozza: “Wasn't sure how controversial to go as I had an Xmas-themed orgy illustration planned but abandoned it at the last minute and went with this one.”

Peony Gent is originally from the fens of Cambridgeshire, and now an illustration student at Edinburgh College of Art.

Studiosmokingpig is a one-woman studio that creates bold, papercut-and-pasted illustrations, typography, and graphic design. Amanda likes rain, coffee, pigs and scotch tape. She lives and works in the Netherlands. "I went for a spin on the old Christmas carol 12 Days of Christmas and tried to pull it into the here and now: no true love, but strange Tinder people. I felt that was appropriate also since Christmas seems to be the time of year people can feel most lonely, so that made a nice connection, to me."

Sofia Sita is an Italian painter and illustrator based in Dundee. “My painting works focus on the relationship between human beings and society. Most of my illustrations use the technique of 'negative space'. In all my work I like to involve people. I like colours, bubble soap, books and music.”

Low Coney’s work has been exhibited in galleries across the UK, stores including Urban Outfitters and publications worldwide, including Design Week. “My process is relatively spontaneous. I surround myself with vintage source materials – dusty books, magazines, old photographs, record sleeves, papers, pamphlets – and take an analogue dive into the unknown.”

Mike Hughes grew up in Inverness inspired by skateboard and snowboard graphics, and studied painting at Gray's School of Art. He works as a commercial artist specialising in illustration, branding and murals.

Andy Von Pip is owner-editor-writer-photographer for The Von Pip Musical Express blog, which features a mix of brand new music, interviews and reviews.

Dale Crosby Close is a 23-year-old recent graduate of illustration at Kingston. About his Christmas card, he says, “there are plenty of willies for all to enjoy and it's the classic Christmas yellow.”

Liam Woodruff is a Manchester-based graphic designer and illustrator.

Kate Timney is an illustrator and visual artist based in Glasgow.

Alex T. Frazer is a Manchester-based illustrator who is also currently bringing his beautiful designs to life as tattoos!

Ben Martin graduated from Gray's School of Art in 2014 with a BA Hons Fine Art Sculpture. He was selected for RSA New Contemporaries 2015. “I have been working with an image that is slightly creepy and very funny personally. I have played with it so much that in the end the original photo is best, always is. Her name is Peggy. Don't know if titles are included but if they are, 'Peggy.'"

Clio Isadora is a London-based illustrator and graphic design graduate from Central Saint Martins. 

Callum Scott-Dyson is an illustrator and filmmaker based in York. His drawings are line based, using a heavy amount of detail and sometimes colour to create the final piece. He sticks mainly to pen & ink and watercolour/gouache.

Jacky Sheridan is an illustrator and a Dubliner, currently based in Belfast. “I specialise in the use of hand rendered type and inked imagery to create the unique aesthetic in my work. I am a recent graduate, earning myself a BDes in Graphic Design and Illustration from Belfast School of Art where I am currently working as an artist-in-residence.”

Sophie Freeman is somewhat elusive on the internet but you can find more of her lovely designs at

John Graham is a freelance live music photographer based in Glasgow. 

Fran Caballero: “I've opted for Santa performing a home invasion donning a Macaulay Culkin mask. Home (alone) invasion, amirite? Also, two sets of genitals.”

Zuzanna Kwiecien is a Glasgow-based artist who enjoys "doodles, drawings and much much more."

Heather More is a Scottish illustrator living and working in Barcelona, having graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2011. “I create most of my illustrations from my lovely home studio in Grácia. Since leaving Scotland for the first time in 2013, Spain has been a wonderful and nourishing home for me.”

Sophie Heywood is a Manchester-based illustrator and graduate of the University of Central Lancashire. "I like to draw and make things. I take inspiration from everyday life, pop culture and animals. You'll usually find me with a brush and ink in hand."

Emily Welham is a graduate of Manchester School of Art interested in the "silently absurd."

Too Much Fun Club is a visual art and illustration collective based in Edinburgh, with connections worldwide. The number of members and associate members of the TMFC is now approaching 30 and is still growing rapidly, and yet organically. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines, and so have a huge diversity of skills and styles. They made this awesome video to celebrate The Skinny's 10th birthday earlier this year. You should totally watch it! 

Happy Christmas!