Thom Isom: The Skinny Showcase

Gallery | 12 Apr 2016

Thom Isom is a freelance graphic designer and artist. He works with artists, musicians and cultural organisations from around the UK. He’s been designing The Skinny Northwest since its inception in 2013; April 2016 is his last issue.

Alongside his design practice Thom co-runs Deep Hedonia, a Liverpool-based arts and production group. Deep Hedonia have hosted events at FutureEverything, Sounds from the Other City, Sound City and FACT. Thom creates all visual output for the group, posters and video.

“My ideas explore environment and space, urban and natural decay. Through deconstruction and distortion of video I explore the problematic nature of urban expansion. My print work often samples fragments and textures of this material.”

Work includes:
Your Clock is Always Present, video still
British Council, Film + Music workshop, programme
The Royal Standard, programme
Deep Hedonia, ARK04, poster
We Buy White Albums, video still with Rutherford Chang and In Atoms
CAVE Art Fair, catalogue

Instagram and Twitter: @thomisom