This Week in Scottish Art: 28 March-3 April

There are exhibits, screenings and events aplenty across Platform, CCA, Ingleby, Summerhall and more. Friday brings a bumper night of openings, with no less than 6 shows openings to fit into a tidy evening.

Feature by Holly Gavin | 28 Mar 2017

Tue 28 Mar: CCA

Head to CCA from 6.30-8pm for the chance to visit Berlin-based Iranian artist Shirin Sabahi’s open studio as Creative Lab’s artist-in-residence. Sabahi will also screen some of her films about the legibility and outreach of architecture and artifacts. This evening’s event is free and unticketed.

Wed 29 Mar: Platform and Ingleby Gallery

Juction 25’s new show A Bit of Bite is playing at Platform at 1.30pm today. The show examines young people’s roles in contemporary politics, and the power of using their voice and claiming responsibility for it. A Bit of Bite is recommended for a 12+ audience; tickets cost £8.50, £5 (concession rate) and £4 (Local Links rate), book them here on Platform’s website.

Ingleby Gallery’s and per se and part II features Mark Wallinger’s film THE END and Albrecht Dürer’s 15-woodcut volume THE APOCALYPSE from 1498. This is the second installment in Ingleby Gallery’s and per se and rolling exhibition sequence featuring the work of two artists alongside each other for two weeks. Dürer’s volume is opened to reveal its most famous woodcut, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Wallinger’s film screens on the hour from 11am to 4pm daily. Next week, THE APOCALYPSE will remain, but its pages turned, and Katie Paterson’s ALL THE DEAD STARS will replace THE END. Visit during the gallery’s opening hours from 11am-5.30pm until the exhibition’s closure this Saturday.

Thu 30 Mar: Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Visit the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh to catch The View From Here: Landscape Photography from the National Galleries of Scotland on its final day. On display are photographs of obscure and recogniseable landscapes from around the world. These span from the 1840s to current times and showcase a variety of technical procedures marking advancements in photography. The featured photographs are all drawn from the National Galleries of Scotland’s permanent collection. The View From Here is free and open from 10am-7pm.

Fri 31 Mar: GSA Exhibitions, Glasgow Print Studio, 16 Nicholson Street, Transmission, CCA and Rhubaba

CONNECTED: 8 International Artists and Jewellers previews at GSA gallery in the Reid Ground Floor Corridor 5-7pm. CONNECTED includes work by designers from Denmark, Holland, Iceland and Scotland. Featured pieces by Carla Nuis, Chequita Nahar, Andrew Lamb, Jonathan Boyd, Hrafnhildur Halldórsdóttir, Therese Mørch-Jørgensen, Lone Løvschal, and Helen Clara Hemsley are individual interpretations of connectivity showcasing a variety of styles, techniques and materials. The touring show, which has already exhibited in Copenhagen and Munich earlier this year, is curated by Andrew Lamb and Jonathan Boyd, both staff from Glasgow School of Art’s Silversmith and Jewellery department. CONNECTED is free to attend and on display until 16 April from 10am-4.30pm everyday.

The Law of Materials opens in Glasgow Print Studio’s first floor gallery 6-8pm this evening. The Law of Materials showcases work by four artists in the early stages of their careers working in print, ceramics, sculpture and textiles. The exhibition is themed around Anni Albers’ 1982 lecture Material as Metaphor in which Albers presents materials as means of communication. Materiality’s ability to guide ideas, the meaning of making art and whom art speaks to are contemplated in this exploration of interaction. This exhibition is free to attend and will be on display until 14 May; Glasgow Print Studios is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5.30pm and 12-5pm on Sundays.

Atelier Monday, the mentorship show previews tonight at 16 Nicholson Street gallery from 6-9pm. The exhibition showcases the work of Cara Bonewitz, Toby Mills, Liam Dunne, Ewan Mitchell and Leila Smith who participated in the gallery’s three month mentorship programme. 16 Nicholson Street’s programme paired Glasgow-based mentees with mentors who met collectively and individually for discussion and objective criticism. The Atelier Monday mentorship group has provided a sense of community for the artists involved who have benefitted from the free use of exhibition space in this emerging gallery. There will be video work, sculptures and installations on display, and a performance on the night.

Tainted Verbal by Edinburgh-based Irineu Destourelles previews at Transmission gallery tonight. Tainted Verbal is Transmission’s annual Scottish solo show. Paintings, moving-image and texts by Destourelles will be on display. Destourelles reproduces colonial patterns in contemporary thought, and aims to question and address the social functions of methods of ‘othering.’ In Tainted Verbal, the artist reflects on his experiences of living in London and Edinburgh, both cities where divisions in society are clearly defined and propelled by contemporary media culture. The exhibition will remain on display until 6 May, open 11am-5pm Tuesday-Saturday.

Tonight’s fifth preview takes place at CCA from 7-9pm tonight. The Sky is Falling is an exhibition and event programme featuring work by the Black Audio Film Collective, Laura Oldfield Ford, Clara Ianni, Dora Mejía and Carol Rhodes. The exhibition considers human organisation in cities and contrasts a modern planner’s bird’s eye perspective with the personal experience of an unfixed urban reality. Different approaches to contemplating urban spaces explore cities’ catalytic potential, their promise of utopia, the control of space and human desire. Large urban spaces of the Americas, cities also defining modernity, and new towns in the UK, modern solutions to the overcrowding of industrial cities, are also considered. Relationships are also established between the Global City and the Garden of Eden as heightened surveillance develops into a metaphor for sin and temptation. The Sky is Falling will be open until 14 May; visit Tuesday to Saturday from 11am-6pm and from noon-6pm on Sundays.

Sarah Boulton’s show Saying Yes with no Evidence opens at Rhubaba in Edinburgh from 7-9pm tonight. Boulton’s exhibition is part of Rhubaba’s series There’s a Ghost in my House, which invites artists to haunt their gallery space. For Saying Yes with no Evidence, the artist has crafted subtly strange events, alterations and appearances, and hidden texts happening or located in Rhubaba’s less obvious and accessible spaces. The exhibition is on display until 30 April; Rhubaba is open Saturdays and Sundays from 12-5pm or by appointment.

Sat 1 Apr: David Dale and Koppe Astner

Don’t miss Rob Chavasse’s Slow Dance closing today at David Dale Gallery open between 12-6pm. Slow Dance is the first exhibition part of David Dale’s Annex programme: a series of solo shows encouraging selected artists to exhibition in their gallery space and an external warehouse. Chavasse is a London-based artist whose practice exposes and explores obfuscated systems within society and its economies by analysing ubiquity’s or commonality’s symbolism. Slow Dance includes new installation and video work by the artist.

Craig Mulholland’s exhibition Say What You Mean To Say is also closing today. Visit the exhibition at Koppe Astner, open today from 12-6pm.

Sun 2 Apr: Summerhall

Visit Summerhall today to see one, a few or all of their eight new exhibitions between the hours of 11am-6pm. Lawrence Abu Hamdan’s Rubber Coated Steel is only one of seven exhibitions part of Edinburgh International Science Festival’s programme of events. Abu Hamdan’s exhibition is the result of the artist’s forensic audio analysis of audio recording of the shots that killed teenagers Mohamed Abu Daher and Nadeem Nawara in the West Bank on 15 May 2014 during a Nakba Day protest. Abu Hamdan’s findings prove that Abu Daher and Nawara, who were unarmed and posed no threat, died from real bullets as opposed to the killers’, (members of the Israeli security forces), claim they used rubber bullets. Abu Hamdan’s analyses have become part of a murder investigation.

Mon 3 Apr: Royal Scottish Academy

Visit the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh for the RSA Annual Exhibition featuring work by its Academicians working across Scotland. Artists from the British Isles have also been invited to exhibit, and the RSA Open Exhibition of Architecture is shown as part of the RSA Annual Exhibition this year. Visit the exhibition today from 10am-5pm, tickets can be purchased at the venue and cost £5, (£3 concession rate), and include an accompanying catalogue; admission is free on Fridays. The RSA Annual Exhibition is open 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 12-5pm on Sundays until 7 May.