Scottish Art Events: March 2020

March brings new events around International Women's Day, Dundee's sci-fi fantasy inspired exhibition and Glasgow Short Film Festival

Preview by Adam Benmakhlouf | 03 Mar 2020
  • Sgaire Wood

Transmission Gallery in Glasgow has opened their year of exhibitions with What’s Ahead What’s Known. The show is inspired by afro-sudaka activist, artists, and curandera Fannie Sosa’s A White Institution’s Guide to Welcoming Artists of Colour and their Audiences. Five artists have responded with texts on their “ideal institutional working” and these are presented on the walls of the gallery. A series of film works are curated by the chosen artists and a nearby billboard displays a text work by this month’s interviewee, Sulaïman Majali.

Ross Fleming’s exhibition in CCA’s Intermedia Space begins on 6 March. flemings lemons brings together charged contexts surrounding gay male sex and STDs. A panel discussion takes place on Sunday 15 March. On Sunday 8 March, for International Women’s Day, creative platform Cabbage has assembled artists for I Don't Feel Like Dancin', an afternoon of performance and film ‘examining notions of dance and the body”.

On Thursday 19 March, the DCA host one last night of events before the end of their group show that takes as its beginning point the work of sci-fi fantasy writer Ursula K Le Guin. For the evening, Sgàire Wood is the principal performer. “Through lip-sync and spoken word performance, she carves out ephemeral spaces for meaningful interpersonal connection and necessary emotional exorcism."

Staying in Dundee, Cooper Gallery present a new show with the film works of artist-theorists Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen. Both are primarily known for each of their writings on film theory, but around the time of producing their respective seminal texts were also actively making their own films. These are assembled in Cooper Gallery, titled A is for Avant-Garde, Z is for Zero (opening on 20 March).

Also on 20 March, in Edinburgh Embassy Gallery host Systems Are Doing It for Themselves. From 10-5pm, invited artists, organisers and curators will consider the value of their work, their workflows and forms of management. Throughout the day, there will be performance, talks and a participative game.

As part of Glasgow Short Film Festival, on Sat 21 Mar (Civic House) and Sun 22 Mar (CCA) there are two afternoons of screenings, a workshop open to Black (not prescribing to political Blackness) people only, a performance and discussion. These events extend from questions of the exclusion/inclusion of Black people within spaces, and the effect of this on their identity, as well as thinking of the “fluidity (often not by choice) of Black communities through the concept of Black Geographies.