Young Fathers – War (Live) | The Skinny Sessions

Video | 29 Jan 2014

We went down to a secret studio location to witness Young Fathers recording a live version of their track 'War'.

Taken from their upcoming album DEAD, released on Big Dada / Anticon. We have an interview with Young Fathers coming up in our February issue – below, hear what the band's Graham 'G' Hastings had to say about the making of DEAD:

"The way we work, we always come in and let things happen. We always try to finish a song by the end of the day, but we’ll record for weeks without listening back – and then we’ll come back and listen to everything in a oner. But the thing is just to bang it oot and bang it oot. And with DEAD, that’s what it feels like. It was banged oot – it could have been Tape Three."

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