Watch an excerpt from Chris Cunningham's new Warpaint documentary

Video | 20 Jan 2014

Veteran visual artist and director Chris Cunningham has unveiled a short excerpt from his forthcoming documentary about the band Warpaint, the cover stars from The Skinny's 100th issue. Cunningham who is married to the band's Jenny Lee, worked with quartet during the making of their latest album, Warpaint (released today). The video shows the desert surrounding the studio where the band began sessions nearly two years ago, with Cunningham using available light and hand-held shots to create a unique visual aesthetic.

Speaking to The Skinny last month, Lee commented: "He’s just been sporadically filming what we’ve been doing behind the scenes ever since, just the making of the album. We’re all pretty comfortable when he’s around; he’s very mindful about not wanting to disrupt the flow. We were rarely aware of his presence, so what he filmed was real, it never felt like a performance."

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