The Video Playlist: January 2014

From Warpaint's celestial Chris Cunningham directed promo clip, to East India Youth's autumnal treatment for 'Dripping Down,' we present an alternative map to our January issue's Music section....

Video | 13 Jan 2014


Featuring: Warpaint

Returning this month with a bewitching second album and a couple of iconic collaborators at their back, Jenny Lee Lindberg and Stella Mozgawa say Warpaint are in it for the long haul

East India Youth

A chance encounter with a reluctant label boss sent electronic prodigy East India Youth on an unexpected trip. William Doyle tells us about his long-incubating debut and the ongoing struggle to stop impulse trashing his MacBook

Croc vs croc/Stellar OM Source

DJs, live acts and, er... Red Dwarf. The team behind Croc v Croc reveal their plans for the relaunch of The Art School


Stina Tweeddale and Shona McVicar caused a stir in 2013 with their determined brand of noise pop. The Skinny met the Glasgow girls to talk about studio freak-outs and how domestic life in Connecticut helped shape their debut 

Auntie Flo

To celebrate our 100th issue we decided to invite our first ever guest DJ, Brian D'Souza, back to share his current picks


Quite the chef, Ciaran McAuley of Patterns cooked us a stew in honour of our food issue, bless him. Culinary puns notwithstanding, his band's hallucinatory debut has been long-time cooking; but a studied recipe has yielded robust results (we're sorry)