The Skinny Sessions: Three Blind Wolves

Exclusive live sessions from T in the Park 2010, only at The Skinny and Radio Magnetic.

Video by Dave Kerr | 11 Aug 2010

Following the success of our stint at the T in the Park kitchen in 2009, this summer The Skinny joined forces with Radio Magnetic to capture a unique series of acoustic sessions with many of the homegrown talents you've read about in these here pages over the last few years.

In the coming weeks you'll be able to see video of the sessions here at The Skinny and hear full audio recordings over at Radio Magnetic's site too.

With part two of the series we bring you another Glasgow band performing under a new moniker with a few less members than usual; country-folk quartet Three Blind Wolves (formerly known as Ross Clark and The Scarfs Go Missing) bring you a stripped down rendition of Black Bowl Park as a two-man band.

Upon the release of their debut mini LP this spring, our Finbarr Bermingham said of their mustachioed singer: "That Ross Clark is doing a better Jim James turn than the My Morning Jacket frontman can muster these days should be cause for the Kentucky native’s concern." You can find out how he compares below, and listen to the full set over at

Admiral Fallow play:

Electric Circus, Edinburgh on 27 Aug

Wizard Festival, Turriff on 28 Aug

Stereo, Glasgow on 15 Oct