The Prodigy's mini-documentary on Manchester's Warehouse Project

Video | 31 Jan 2014

Featuring interviews, live performance footage and classic tracks, this mini-documentary from The Prodigy takes us inside Manchester's Warehouse Project. The band played a special series of sold-out gigs there in 2013, capturing footage for this documentary in the process.

"It's so intense, you can't really escape it," says Prodigy founder and beatsmith Liam Howlett of the atmosphere at Warehouse Project. "It's like a total connection to the audience... it was the perfect gig for us... If we could just play these gigs for the rest of our career, I think all three of us would be happy." Howlett also talks about his new approach to writing material, hinting at the possibility of a new Prodigy album coming soon.

Previously, the Warehouse Project have collaborated with Emmanuel Biard and David Leonard on a 'sonic sculpture' called the Testudo. Biard and Leonard also created the Archimedes, a similar project, for Brainfeeder / Ninja Tune / Anticon mainstay Daedelus. Watch a short film about the Testudo here.