Parachute for Gordo – Jellied Eels: Video Premiere

Watch the video for Jellied Eels by experimental alt rock trio Parachute for Gordo

Video by Music Team | 16 Jan 2017

Taken from their forthcoming third album Possibility of Not, Jellied Eels marks the band's first new release since their 2014 album Ten Metres Per Second Per Second, and it's something of a triumphant return. Composed of sparse, mournful chords that hang heavily and poignantly in the air, before a staggered beat kicks into a heady implosion of rhythm and texture, its rich emotional core is amplified by a video blurring trees, the sky and their reflections on a watery surface into a dizzying soft focus.

The video is the first in a series of short films created by the band to accompany each track from Possibility of Not, which is due for release via the independent Rose Coloured Records on 13 March. Naturally, the launch party (at The West End Centre, in their home town of Aldershot) is all set to recreate this juxtaposition as a live experience, with an art exhibition and screening of the films alongside the band's live performance of the album in full.

“This was the hardest we’ve ever worked on an album,” says bassist John Harvey. “Each film was a unique idea that needed to work by itself and also as part of this ‘visual album’. It’s not a linear story at all, but there are thematic, geographic and visual cues that tie the films together. The dynamics and pacing of both the album and the collection of films were very important to us.”

The self-produced album was recorded in Austria with the band's own mobile studio, while the visual project was also created by the band making use of sites and people in their local area (resultant video production costs: £0). 

“It was the best kind of DIY experimentation,” continues Harvey. “With a million cables and bits of equipment we made ourselves a home for the weekend. It was a challenge, but some creative thinking and perseverance meant that we had a space that was both fully functional and remarkably peaceful. The feeling of sitting outside, taking in the scale of the mountains and hearing the cows in the valley below will stay with me. That’s the secret vibe for the album.”

Possibility of Not is released via Rose Coloured Records on 13 Mar