Oneohtrix Point Never's Emoji-powered video for 'Boring Angel'

Video | 18 Dec 2013

Boring Angel is the rave-influenced opening track from Oneohtrix Point Never's impressive Warp debut, R Plus 7 (reviewed here). Daniel Lopatin, the experimental electronic composer better known as 0PN, has collaborated with animator and video artist John-Michael Boling, who has designed a shifting sequence of animated 'emoji' icons to accompany the track. 

Speaking to us back in September, Lopatin commented that he has an "ability to just accept whatever morphological things are happening in our culture – I'm ready to be swept away in it... If I'm a typical example of a person living in a society with those kind of technocratic dictates, I feel very free right now – more free, perhaps, than earlier generations would have felt when global communications began to affect people on a daily basis. I'm perpetually curious about the artistic quotient in all of that. I feel like it's endless."

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