EMA's cyberpunk video for Satellites

Video | 22 Jan 2014

We've already heard the dark, industrial track Satellites from Erika M. Anderson (better known as EMA)'s forthcoming album The Future's Void. Now, the track gets a tense, claustrophobic new video, shot and directed by EMA herself, with help from album producer Leif Shackelford. Cats pick through waste ground searching for prey, EMA sings in her rubbish-strewn, electronics-cluttered flat, as grainy footage of flickering screens and electronics cross-cut in time to the track's buzzsaw bassline. 

The Future's Void, the much-anticipated follow-up to EMA's 2011 album Past Life Martyred Saints, will be released on 7 April on City Slang / Matador. "It was a fairly DIY affair," says Anderson of the video, on her new website, also referencing William Gibson's cyberpunk classic Neuromancer as an influence.

"We shot most of the footage with a few friends over a long weekend and edited it via Skype screen-share. There were no stylists, DP, lighting crews, catering or make up artists. But we did have an iPhone that shoots slo-mo, a Canon, a fog machine, and a Microsoft Kinect.. The effect vibes as either primitive or sophisticated, depending on your point of view... It’s exciting that this common technology, none of which is high-end enough to be super-exclusive, can be hacked in ways to produce strangely beautiful results, if you are willing to put in the effort." As part of the video, Anderson got to play with the Oculus Rift, a prototype virtual reality headset.