Com Truise – Glawio live at Check Yo' Ponytail

Video | 17 Jan 2014

Seth Haley, aka Ghostly International's retro-future synth wizard Com Truise, has shared a new live video of the track Glawio, from the album Galactic Melt. Recorded at Los Angeles club Check Yo' Ponytail, the session sees Haley perform with his touring drummer, Rory O'Connor, aka producer Nitemoves.

Speaking to The Skinny back in 2012, Haley emphasised the importance of O'Connor's drumming to his sound. "That was always the original goal... to have live drums," he said. "There's nothing that compares to live hats and cymbals, there's nothing that sounds like it. No recordings really match how it sounds live." The forthcoming EP Wave 1, is dropping via Ghostly on 18 Feb. Back in December, Haley shared a new cut from the EP, Declination, a collaboration with Joel Ford

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