Ayawaska – The Ride: Video Premiere

Watch the video for Liverpool indie trio Ayawaska's debut single

Video by Music Team | 26 Jan 2017

What is it with Merseyside and instantly classic, easy-jangling psych-pop? Its roots are pretty obvious (some 60s group with moptop haircuts and sharp suits; maybe you've heard of 'em...?) but it's been carried through the likes of The La's and The Coral right through to Hooton Tennis Club; meanwhile garagier cult heroes like The Stairs and Tramp Attack have upheld the legacy pretty well. Must be something in the water.

Now it's the turn of Ayawaska. With influences ranging from 60s psych to more contemporary indie rock, their debut single The Ride is a gently melancholic earworm with a pretty nifty video, shot by photographer Tim Brown. According to the band, the track is about "the instability of life" – watch the video in the player above.

"One day everything could be great and the next day it could be terrible," they explain. "The overall message in the song is try not to worry about things and enjoy the moment while you can. Life would be pretty boring if everything went perfectly smooth.  Sometimes we make mistakes but sometimes a mistake can bring change or something positive. We wanted to make the song upbeat, with moments of uncertainty and doubt thrown in."

Of the video, they add: "We had the idea of using bikes and cycling around Liverpool; we wanted to start at one of our favourite pubs,The Baltic Fleet – and end up there. We decided to hire those city bikes and give them a good run for their money. Unfortunately we never got to try any Danny MacAskill bike stunts."