Yasmin Fedda discusses new film Queens of Syria at Glasgow Film Festival 2015

Video | 26 Feb 2015

At the UK premiere of her new film Queens of Syria at Glasgow Film Festival, director Yasmin Fedda discusses the film's conception and the experiences of the Syrian women that it portrays.

The documentary follows fifty women from Syria, forced into exile in Jordan, who came together to create and perform their own version of the classical Greek tragedy Trojan Women, Euripides' ancient Greek tragedy depicting women in the aftermath of war.

Fedda discusses how the project gave the participating women an opportunity to speak, as well as a sense of purpose and an opportunity to network with others in a similar situation. Facing a lack of representation and a sensationalism of the crisis in Syria, the women used the project as a channel to express their experiences.

Watch the full Q&A above, and view more of our coverage from this year's GFF here.

Video produced by Cutscene Media Ltd. and Glasgow Film Festival.

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