Roger Christian on Black Angel: Video interview at Glasgow Film Festival

Video | 19 Mar 2014

Black Angel, a 25 minute short made in Scotland by legendary British art director Roger Christian (Alien, Star Wars), has become a piece of celluloid folklore. The film was released in 1980 in the UK, Australia and across Scandinavia in a programme with The Empire Strikes Back. While the main feature has gone on to be remastered, rereleased and reissued ad infinitum by its producer George Lucas, Black Angel has remained a vague memory for those who saw the film on its release – it’s never been available on home video and can’t be found tucked away in a corner of the internet.

Unseen in the UK for 34 years, Black Angel was reserrected at this year's Glasgow Film Festival. We spoke to Christian about the production while he was in town.

Camera - Ross Baynham


Roger Christian on the once lost short film Black Angel