Production Design Masterclass with Mark Leese at Glasgow Film Festival

Video | 19 Mar 2015

Production designer Mark Leese, whose prolific film career includes Shane Meadows’ This Is England, Stuart Murdoch’s God Help the Girl and Peter Mullan's NEDS, brings twenty years experiance to this masterclass on the craft of bringing a film set to life.

During this fascinating discussion, Leese talks the audience through the process of starting with a script and breaking it down to its design components, and explains the inferences and choices a designer might have to make to create the space for the script to be filmed. 

"We like metaphors, and we like symbolism," jokes Leese with the audience. "But that’s the trick, that’s what it’s about: it’s about thinking about these characters. What do they do? What do they say? Could we look a bit deeper inside them and can we use some of that to influence the environment? And it could be little droplets, little clues, that you don’t notice ‘til later on."

Watch highlights from the masterclass above.

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