Daniel Wolfe and cast discuss directorial debut Catch Me Daddy

Video | 20 Feb 2015

Catch Me Daddy is the first feature film from music video whizz Daniel Wolfe (he co-wrote the film with his brother, Matthew, who also provides the score). Best known, perhaps, for his promo for The Shoes single Time to Dance, which featured Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal as a serial killer offing hipsters, Catch Me Daddy sees the 36-year-old filmmaker in similarly blistering form. The film centres on 17-year-old Laila, played by newcomer Sameena Jabeen Ahmed, who’s walked out on her strict Pakistani parents so that she can be with her boyfriend Aaron (NEDS star Conor McCarron), who’s white.

Taking the form of a western, the film takes place over one night, with the young couple on the run from a group of thugs, who include Laila’s brother, who plan on bringing Laila back home by force once they track her down.

Catch Me Daddy received its Scottish premiere at Glasgow Film Festival. Here's the director and two of his cast members, local lads Conor McCarron and Gary Lewis, discussing the film's unconventional shoot. 

Video produced by Cutscene Media Ltd. and Glasgow Film Festival.

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